What is the coffee program about?

For the coffee program, I want to highlight the complexities of each coffee while showcasing the nuances each roaster has taken the time to profile and roast. As a local multi-roaster in Rochester, NY, we have an opportunity to get to know our community’s roasters and learn about their take on a particular coffee. From there, I want to be able to put our own approach on our roaster’s coffee as well. At the end of the day, coffee can be as unique or as simple as you want it to be, we are here to fulfill all of those wishes in our community. With all of coffee’s many applications in the culinary and beverage world, it’s my biggest ambition to give Rochester,NY something very unique to sip on, that will transcend their drinking experience into a different kind of culinary experience. Whether you want to take your coffee to work and sip on something that brings you to a tranquil place before a hectic day, or if you want to sit with friends at the bar and feel like you’re being basked in a lavish embrace; I believe coffee can take you on a journey if you get to know it, work with it and tune into what makes it standout. If you do this, you’re bound to sip your way to an experience that will take your senses on an adventure. 

The 'Why' you ask?

I’ve always thought that imagination, hard work, and perseverance will lead you to your wildest fantasies. Those beliefs have been what have pushed me to keep trying new things and choosing the path less traveled. I’m a creative at heart, so coffee has given me a career that has allowed me to fulfill my creative passions while sharing what I see with the world, and in that cup, I see a world of opportunity that doesn’t just start with the bean. It’s the farmer, their family, their community, it’s the coffee shop you go to every morning, it’s the barista that sends you off to work and tells you to have a good day, its our whole industry working towards one thing. I do what I do because I find passion in it, it’s a whole industry full of passionate people that often don’t get recognized for what they do, if I can be a voice for the unheard minds of our industry and get to share our passion over a cup of coffee, then I’m doing all I ever need to do.

My Inspiration and Influencers...

I’m largely influenced by nature and the wide array of botanicals, herbs, spices, and anything I can use as an ingredient to alter, change, enhance or compliment the flavors of any given signature drink I am working on. I love playing with seasonal flavors and even pairing a given mood to a drink tailored to an individual guest. As a person that makes choices based on feelings, I see the value in imbibing on a desire to experience rather than a need. These desires to celebrate, drink, socialize over food and beverage is a huge part of our culture. Our generation desires and craves new and foreign possibilities in this regard. I think the craft beverage industry can certainly open the door for people to step outside the normal constraints of what we eat and drink day to day.

Of course I have coffee mentors...

As far as my mentors go, there are simply too many to list, but they know who they are and I wouldn’t be where I am today without them. Every person I’ve worked with or met in coffee has in some way impacted the direction that has led me here and I couldn’t imagine what my world would have been like if I wasn’t fortunate enough to have these amazing, talented individuals in my life. I owe a lot to these people and I will forever pay forward the same sense of belief and empowerment to others who are where I was at the start of my career.  Thank you, W.R., RVG, J.F., J.T.

How are you going to incorporate Rochester,NY in your coffee program?

I believe supporting local businesses and entrepreneurs collaboratively is the best way to build different brands with the same goals and passions. As much as possible, I want to create something together with my coffee peers since Rochester, NY is fortunate that we have many local roasters in this area to do that with and NY as a whole has even more opportunity for collaboration! I don’t ever want Rochester, NY to run out of avenues for local creatives to show off their talents.

What makes Coffee fun?

Ummm…everything of course! I want to focus on doing signature and flavored drinks, but just better! I don’t want to stick to your traditional syrups and sauces, so I’m going to have a rotating menu of different signature coffee drinks all with different in house made syrups and fun local ingredients. I love flavor pairings and creating an experience for the guest so you know you’ll have something fun to talk about and walk away hopefully feeling inspired! I want my space to feel collaborative, artistic and open to ideas. The worst idea is one that isn’t shared or heard. Feel. Hear. See. Create. I want to give my guest an experience to FEEL. I want to HEAR my guest and their stories. I want my guest to SEE endless possibility. I want to CREATE for you, by Locals.


Rochester, NY - See you soon!

-Sapphire Courchaine

Your Local Caffeine Collaborator