What is Locals Only?

Still confused? That's okay! If it was that easy, we'd be like the rest of them! The reality is, it's rare to find a business that put's an emphasis on ALL THREE programs (Food, Coffee, & Cocktails) under one roof so communicating it to you isn't the easiest. Let's break it down further!


Culinary program led by the palate pleaser, Adam Pastecki! Adam's focus to delivery a unique 'brunch style' menu has lead him to be inspired by American, Asian, thai, Italian, and many other origins to give you a truly unique menu! This menu can be enjoyed for Monday through Friday for Brunch (11AM - 2PM) and Dinner (6PM-9PM) as well as weekend BRUNCH!


Craft Cocktail program led by Keanan O'Brien, the spirit slinger. Keanan was determined to deliver a cocktail menu that pairs well with brunch and evening cocktails! Well, he nailed it! He introduced Cereal Cocktails, Mimosas, Bloodies, and an evening cocktail program to keep you warm. Enjoy Keanan's program Tuesday - Friday after 5PM and weekends for brunch!


Last and definetly not least, the speciality Coffee led by the juggernaut and caffeine collaborator, Sapphire Courchaine. Sapphire's commitment to the community runs deep. That's why she's introduced unique specialty coffees, teas, and even tonics! Enjoy her program just about all hours of operation!

These three great programs are all accompanied by a team of individuals who believe in influencing a community through food, coffee, cocktails, and art!